The three-dimensional reconstructions, the associated scientific metadata, and narrative contents converged into various multimedia applications, with the aim of enhancing the 8 archaeological areas in order to reach the public in different ways, both on site and online.

e-Archeo 3D

e-Archeo 3D is an interactive application which can be used on a web browser, implemented on the basis of the Open Source ATON web platform developed by CNR ISPC.


e-Archeo 3D facilitates the visualisation of the 8 archaeological areas, through 360-degree interrogable scenarios populated by multimedia content of various kinds: videos, images, 3D models of individual artefacts. The exploration of the individual sites is designed to be carried out on site, by visiting the archaeological area in person, or online, from home or from school.


e-Archeo 3D is also available in a more spectacular and site-specific version at the Museums of Cerveteri and Marzabotto, limited to their respective itineraries.


e-Archeo 3D offers levels of content that are suited to both general and specialist audiences.


The 3D application is in Italian and English.

e-Archeo Voices

The Podcast, e-Archeo Voices, was developed on the basis of the historical-archaeological account of the 8 archaeological areas.


e-Archeo Voices contains an appealing cross-section of series of narrative insights, based on the scientific data collected by universities and offered in a non-specialist language to reach the general public. The narratives, accompanied by soundscapes that evoke events, settings and moods, can be enjoyed at any time and in any place (in the car, at home, or during the visit to the site) and have an average duration of about 30 minutes each.


e-Archeo Voices tells the story of one or more characters, omniscient witnesses to each century and the various urban changes that took place at each site.


e-Archeo Tactile​

The tangible multimedia application (so-called Tangible User Interface (TUI), e-Archeo Tactile, was designed and developed for the archaeological area of Cerveteri, Lazio region, in consultation with experts in visual and hearing disabilities, in order to guarantee a product that respects the principles of Universal Design.

The aim of e-Archeo Tactile is to engage the visitor by inviting them to interact with some three-dimensionally and materially reproduced objects, which serve as an intermediary for an audio-visual narrative on the screen.

The TUI covers themes that involve the necropoli of Monte Abatone, with its various types of tombs, similar to houses. This is the first time that the necropoli of Monte Abatone has been presented to the public, albeit in virtual form. Indeed, the archaeological excavation cannot actually be visited at present because it is covered over each year for conservation reasons.

e-Archeo Tactile is exhibited to the public at the Sala Mengarelli at the Banditaccia Necropoli in Cerveteri.

e-Archeo HI® - Human Interface

The application, e-Archeo HI®, was conceived and developed only for the archaeological areas of Cerveteri, Lazio region, and Sirmione, Lombardy region, using the scientific data collected by universities and created with a non-specialist language to reach the general public. The user interacts with the narrator by having the impression of communicating with him, by voice or by selecting topics on a tablet, thanks to a node-based narrative structure.

e-Archeo HI® e-Archeo HI® is exhibited to the public at the Archaeological Museum of Sirmione and the Cerite National Archaeological Museum of Cerveteri. One character, played by an actor in costume, engages with the user interactively in dialogue and talks about the archaeological area and its events, illustrating some of the artefacts preserved in the museum that come from the reference archaeological areas. For Sirmione, the narrator is the poet Catullus, whose name is now tied to the site although he never lived in the villa, built about fifty years after his death; for Cerveteri, the character is Vel, owner of an important ceramics workshop in the city, represented by an actor in costume, interactively dialogues with the user and tells the archaeological area, its events and illustrates some of the finds preserved in the museum that come from the reference archaeological contexts. For Sirmione the narrating character is the poet Catullus who now links his name to the site although he has never lived in the villa, built about fifty years after his death; for Cerveteri the character is Vel, owner of an important pottery workshop in the city.

e-Archeo HI® is located near the showcases that contain the artefacts of the greatest interest in terms of the narration; the lights turn dynamically on and off on the artefacts, synchronised with the story being narrated by the virtual character; the total user experience lasts about 15 minutes.

Brevetto italiano UIBM n. 0001428984, marchio italiano MISE UIBM n. 302019000082782

e-Archeo Video

e-Archeo Video tells the story of the project in a cinematographic version created by two companies.

A video narration of the project was made which tells about its objectives, the elements of innovation and good practices, the synergies put in place, the methodologies and the outputs achieved. It does so through real shots of the sites to which virtual reconstructions are integrated, often in camera tracking, interviews with the protagonists, backstage shots in the various laboratories and examples of the project outputs.

RAI, the first television hub in Italy for public radio and television service, presented the archaeological sites from a documentary point of view, illustrating their beauty and tourist potential through 8 videos.

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